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Meal Planning Part 2

In Meal Planning Part 1, I set myself a challenge. A New Thermomix owner challenge. To cook a full month out of the Everyday Cookbook (EDC) which came with my machine!

To existing Thermomix owners who may have been through the EDC and picked their favorites and are currently surfing the variety of the Recipe Communities and Google, this might seem like a boring and limiting excercise. To a new owner like me, it gives a firm starting point to bring together all the recipes and ingredients lists that will let me do a meal plan and work out what recipes my family don't wish to repeat in future meal plans.

If you were to do this yourself from scratch, once you have your list of meals that fit the type of nights that you have (the exercise I completed and posted a link to in Meal Planning Part 1), you could sit down with a calendar and fill it in with the meals that you want to make on those nights, then you would write a shopping list from that... and that could take a while. Especially if you are shopping for a month at a time like I am.
So as the little ThermoNerd that I am, I need something a bit more streamlined, computerised and "smart" to take care of this for me... So I created a Spreadsheet!

I will be releasing a full working spreadsheet in the future that will allow you to customise the ingredients and recipes that you want to be able to select for your own meal plans. From this it will generate a shopping list that you can then cut and paste into your favourite online grocery store or send to your mobile phone so that you can take it shopping with you.

For the moment though, I would like to provide everyone who is interested with a free version of a meal plan from the March 2011 EDC for the July-August 2013 period! Along with this is a shopping list and even freezer prep instructions for all the fresh meat and veg that needs to be stored!

I will cover shopping for a month, storing it all and a few other related topics in future posts. But in the mean time, Please take a look at the files and pay special attention to the "read me" file which explains any changes I may have made to the EDC recipes... don't worry - there aren't many!

But I would like to point out 2 important points before you jump in and use the shopping lists and meal plans!
 1. I am human. I am an over-tired mum of a toddler and twin newborns. Please forgive me if I have made any calculation errors or if I forgot to mention what I did somewhere... If you have any questions, please ask! I can always fix the files up!
2. The shopping lists include every ingredient that we could for each selected recipe. The first shop-up when you do a plan such as this can be pretty expensive. Look for ways that you can reduce costs if budget is an issue. The first time we did this, we didn't buy any spices and used dried mixed herbs for everything... There are ways around things! Be creative! But don't worry... we will be covering budgeting and sourcing good food affordably in future posts!

If you like the plans, please let your friends know about our site - But please don't just email the files to them. Get them to download directly from us so we know how many people have been interested in it...


Meal Plan for July/August 2013
Complete Shopping List for Month (Includes Breakfasts and Lunches)
Meal Prep Instructions for Freezing Fresh ingredients


  1. I love that your meal plan does not include numerous fish/seafood dishes as we do not eat seafood in my home due to allergies :) Your meal plan seems like something I can just pick up and go by! Thank you!

  2. Thanks Casey!!!
    Please make sure to just double check everything!
    I just went through and froze all my ingredients pre-cut and I am pretty sure it is all right - But I wouldn't want to stuff someone up! In the next week or so I will post a weekly version with weekly shopping lists for those who find the monthly shop a bit daunting or they don't need to shop that infrequently as hermits like me need to! :D


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